Gotlind Weigel


2011H 26 cm
porcelain vessel, wheel thrown, collar grogged stoneware, thrown and built reduktionfired 1340°CFoto: Gotlind Weigel

Gotlind Weigel


My early youth and my later training as a potter were very much affected by the Bauhaus, but in contrast to its straight line-the curving line is the main idea of my work. The central subject of my work for about half a century has been the wheel-thrown vessel leading from tableware to unique copies, from stoneware to porcelain. At present I am trying to combine both materials in variants of "Doppelform"


1973Gabsheim / Rheinhessen, studio with Gerald Weigel
1967-72Bach / Westerwald, studio with Gerald Weigel
1961-67Mainz, studio with Gerald Weigel
1956-58ceramic school Hoehr-Grenzhausen, master craftman certificate
1949-56apprentice potter, journeyman certificate


1980 and 1974Staatspreis Rheinland Pfalz
1979Deutsche Keramik Westerwaldpreis, 3. prize
1972Member of AIC / Genéve, CH
1969Bayerischer Staatspreis gold medal
1965Alexander-Guilleaume-Preis of DKG 1. prize


Hoehr-Grenzhausen, Keramikmuseum Westerwald

Icheon/Korea, World Ceramic Center

Leipzig, Grassimuseum

Rotterdam/NL, Museum Boymanns - van Beuningen

Taipei/China, Fine Arts Museum