Anke Müffelmann

Tränenmeer (ocean of tears)

object installation (detail)

Anke Müffelmann


My work approaches conceptual references to cultural history through the medium of ceramics. The objects which I produce question the invisible, like an excavation, or reveal the unsaid, like a testimony. Very often, this work takes the form of series or installations, where I combine ceramic objects with other materials or media. Mine is a process of artistic research, in that I translate observations into ceramic objects in the form of memories and gestures.


1986-1990Printmaking at the FH for Design, Kiel and at the ESBAP, Porto
1991-1994Ceramics at the Muthesius University in Kiel (Prof. Johannes Gebhardt). Erasmus semester at the Oslo Art Academy
1995Ceramic Sculpture , Muthesius University of Art Kiel (Prof. Kerstin Abraham)
since 1996Freelance Visual Artist with a studio in Kiel
since 2017Research Assistant at the Muthesius University of Art, Kiel


1995North-West Lotto Schleswig-Holstein Prize for graduate students
2015Work scholarship at the »Europäischen Keramik Werkzentrum« (EKWC), The Netherlands
2018Landesschau Art Award of the BBK SH


Stadtmuseum Pinneberg

University of Applied Sciences Kiel

City gallery Brunsbüttel