Antje Brüggemann


2011H 26,6 cm
built, different coloured stone ware clays, light grew feldspar glaze, 1300°C fired in a gas kilnFoto: Volker Brüggemann

Antje Brüggemann


Working as a ceramist since many years, there were 3 main themes:

The thrown vessel, the built vessel and the free work as reliefs or stillifes. During the last years I mostly work at built vessels with shape and surface forming a unity.

The surfaces of the vessels are covered like a screen with plains of coloured only partly glazed clays that cause optical deceptions.

My material is stone ware ,fired in reduction at 1300°C in a gas kiln.


2002-2008council member of the IAC (International Academy of Ceramics, Geneva) member since 1979
1980-1992design for the firm of Rosenthal, Selb
seit 1975studio in Wippershain, 1970-75 in Bad Hersfeld, 1966-69 on Sylt
1965-66 and 69-70ceramic study, class of Walter Popp, HfBK Kassel
1963-65ceramic study, class of Prof.Bontjes van Beek, HfBK Hamburg


1992great award of the 1.International Triennial for Ceramics, Cairo, Egypt
1985 and 1975awards of the Wetserwald Competition, Höhr-Grenzhausen
1977award of the State of Hamburg
1975award of the Justus-Brinkmann-Society, Museum of Arts and Crafts, Hamburg
19691. award, Richard-Bampi-Competition

collections: selection

Berlin, Ceramic-Museum Berlin

Edenkoben, Villa Ludwigshöhe, Collection Hinder-Reimers

Leipzig, Grassi-Museum

Ludwigsburg, Ceramic-Museum in the Castle of Ludwigsburg

München, Collection Freiberger, Donation to the New Collection, Design in the Pinakothek der Moderne