Johannes Gebhardt

"Tempel garden" Sculpture collage

Fireclay bricks from an abandoned brick-kilnFoto: Heidi Krautwald

Johannes Gebhardt


The formal basic order of my sculpture collages bases on standard forms and standard masses of bricks as they are used in the field of furnace construction.

I have joined the pieces as I had found them: to pieces of architectures, to figurations. I associate with them occurences, the dimension of time which finally subordinates everything that has been created by human hand and ratio.


1999-2001Guestprofessor to China-National-Academy of Fine Arts, Hangzhou, PR China
1986-1989Conductor of the Ceramics-Center-Kiel
1968-1970Adviser to West-Pakistan-Small-Industries-Corporation, Lahore
1956-1994Lecturer / Professor at University of Art and Design Kiel
1952-1956Education at Academy of Fine Arts Stuttgart


1992Special-Judge´s - Award, Mino, Japan
1984Cultural Award of the City of Kiel
1975Special Award "Westerwaldpreis´75"
1973First Prize "Westerwaldpreis´73"
1967Silvermedal, Istanbul


Berlin, Staatliche Sammlungen, Kunstgewerbemuseum

Hamburg, Museum für Kunst und Gewerbe

Leipzig, Grassi Museum

Schleswig, Schleswig-Holsteinisches Landesmuseum

Stuttgart, Würtembergisches Landesmuseum