Kyra Spieker


2007112 x 112 x 108 cm
bricks and stainless steelFoto: Helge Articus

The right angle, the square, the cube are the abstract vocabulary to describe space in general. I have been investigating into structures of these basic shapes and discovering their diversity by division, rotation and accumulation. The logical approach leads me to systematic variations; me and the viewer to new visual experiences and a refined spatial perception.


1990Member of the International Academy Of Ceramics, Genf
lives and works in Höhr-Grenzhausen
1996-1999Study at the Johannes-Gutenberg-University Mainz, Fine Arts in Ceramics
1990-1997Teaching at the Johannes-Gutenberg-University, Mainz
seit 1984own studio
1980-1983Study at the College for Ceramic Design in Höhr-Grenzhausen


2011Invitation for the International Ceramic Symposium Römhild
1998Burgund-Stipendium of the Ministery of Culture
1990Lincoln-Stipendium of the Ministery of Culture
1989Künstlerhaus Edenkoben, scholarship of the Ministery of Culture
1987Richard Bampi-Preis, 2. Preis


Berlin, Museum of Applied Art

Genf, (CH), Museum Ariana

Ichon, (Korea), World Ceramic Center

Saga, (JP), Art Museum

Düsseldorf, Hetjens- Museum