Svein Narum

Found on the silk road

201924 x 25 x 24 cm
woodfired earthenware

Svein Narum


I like to think of my "potter career" as an ongoing process, a concept with the purpous of linking, mainly myself, but also the spectator or even better, the user, to tradition and history. I am very aware of the ancient technology involved in my making. Also the origin T`ang Dynasty, China, and I have managed to find my own path to a personal and modern expression. Woodfired earthenware is the vehicle for my ideas.


1984Bergen College of Art & Crafts, Bergen, Norway.
1979Member of The National Association for Arts & Crafts.
2006Norwegian National Guaranteed Income.
2010Elected to International Academy of Ceramics.
Long list of solo and group exhibitions in many countries.


Several Norwegian National Grants including "Life long Income" 2006.


2014: Museum of Applied Art, Trondheim, Norway.

2012: Hanne Lore Seifert`s Collection, Germany.

2007: Museum of International Ceramic Art, Grimmerhus, Denmark.

2006: Royal Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

2005: National Museum of Art, Oslo, Norway.

2002: The Rudolph Strasser Collection, Munich, Germany.

1994: The Royal Norwegian Court.

1993: The Ministry of Culture, Sweden.

And more.