Friederike Zeit Narum

Looking down at them islands

201931 x 24 x 33 cm

Friederike Zeit Narum


In my recent work I seek a spontaneous expression, a colorful 3-D calligraphy. Freezing the movement of dance, continuously changing like a flowing river.


The work is in dialogue with architecture.


I approach my work in a intuitive state of mind, my craft and life are the vehicles that carry me through. I start with an image in mind, and a vague idea of my destination. Through the process new questions arise that develop my sculptures into new fields of thoughts.


Member BBK, elected to AIC/IAC International Academy of Ceramics/Genf, Group 83
2004Founder Symposium "Intonation - Deidesheimer Kunsttage"
numerous exhibitions in Germany and abroad


2002First award Biennale de la sculpture en Ceramique, Mamer, Luxemburg
19952. award "Kunst und Architektur" , Stadthaus Deidesheim
1994Award Frechener Kulturstiftung


Ceramion, Frechen, Germany

Ichon World Ceramic Center, Kyonggi Pronince, Korea

Mamer, Luxemburg

DeForma-Stiftung, Pécs, Ungarn

Panhellenic Association of ceramists, Amaroussion, Griechenland

Museum Landshut, Germany