Friederike Zeit


201243 x 68 x 26 cm
clay, built, glazed

Friederike Zeit


In my recent work I seek a spontaneous expression, a colorful 3-D calligraphy. Freezing the movement of dance, continuously changing like a flowing river.


The work is in dialogue with architecture.


I approach my work in a intuitive state of mind, my craft and life are the vehicles that carry me through. I start with an image in mind, and a vague idea of my destination. Through the process new questions arise that develop my sculptures into new fields of thoughts.


Member BBK, AIC/IAC International Academy of Ceramics/Genf, Group 83, NBK Norske Billedkunstnere
2004Founder Symposium "Intonation - Deidesheimer Kunsttage"
lives and works, together with Svein Narum in Deidesheim, Germany and Lunde, Norway
numerous exhibitions in Germany and abroad


2002First award Biennale de la sculpture en Ceramique, Mamer, Luxemburg
19952. award "Kunst und Architektur" , Stadthaus Deidesheim
1994Award Frechener Kulturstiftung


Ceramion, Frechen, Germany

Ichon World Ceramic Center, Kyonggi Pronince, Korea

Mamer, Luxemburg

DeForma-Stiftung, Pécs, Ungarn

Panhellenic Association of ceramists, Amaroussion, Griechenland