Gerald Weigel

Werke der Mitglieder der Gruppe 83

Deutsche Keramiker Gruppe 83

In 1983/84 the German members of the Académie Internationale de la Céramique (AIC) founded the Deutsche Keramiker Gruppe 83 (Gruppe 83). The ideas that led to founding (Gruppe 83) were:
1.Presenting ceramic art as an independent form of art in Germany
2.Promoting German ceramic artists internationally in exhibitions and publications
3.Promoting new talents
The general objective which does not intend to promote a specific artistic position sets Gruppe 83 apart from other artists groups.
After 38 years it seems that part of the groups` success is the abandonment of any artistic program. Each member has the freedom to develop her or his own work individiually without being restricted by programmatic rules. The love of ceramics is the joining element which forms a group from a number of individualists. This allows the group to invite guests with new positions to exhibitions as well as recruiting exciting young talents to join the group.Despite the freedom of developing from a membership corporation to a free association, one thing has not changed, and that is the required admission in the AIC. This criteria has proven its value providing constant regeneration and fresh influences without having to go through internal voting procedures and confrontations.
Gruppe 83 is an amicable network of artists within the bigger organisation AIC. Gruppe 83`s spirit is based on a strong sense of "us" which will help to carry the group of artists and friends into it`s fourth decade.